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Since 1991 we have been communicating with students in a way that engages, excites and informs them.  We are as good at communicating with adult audiences,  albeit in a different tone and with a different message.  We welcome opportunities to share the UniSmart story and to talk about our experience in making a positive difference to young adults starting their university studies.  The location, campus, and culture may be different, but the issues are the same.

For information, comment or engagement, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to participate in forums that address student welfare and to comment on factors that influence and impact positive student outcomes.

Media Articles

Trudi Urlwin and John Davey, Entrepreneurs

Living and working together can place stress on some couples. For this team the partnership is a formidable force for good...

John Davey - North and South

John Davey, talented performer, juggler, motivator, Amazing Mr Moon, Penny Farthing rider and racer and so much more talks candidly about juggling balls, life and career aspirations....

Q & A with Say Something! Christchurch Author

Author Trudi Urlwin shares insights on what inspires her and motivates her to write....

Outrageous Way to Communicate

Trudi Urlwin and John Davey, co-founders and co-directors of UniSmart know just how to engage with young audiences...

The Right Introduction

Welcoming students to life on campus can take many forms. One company offers a novel solution to making sure the welcome creates a positive and lasting first impression for new students...

Tips on how to survive University

Surviving life in the university jungle can be challenging for many new students. UniSmart offers tips on how to thrive....

Student behaviour is not all bad

Contrary to many myths and media information that implies many students are creating mayhem and making poor decisions, the reality is quite different. Fear of failing exams is their number one concern. Let us shed light on what else concerns, motivates and impresses students .