The Book

It’s difficult to condense everything a new student needs to know about starting life at university into a presentation a little over an hour long….

So, UniSmart co- director Trudi Urlwin wrote the book and Random House published ‘SAY SOMETHING! The UniSmart Guide to Life, University & Everything‘

The ultimate guide for teens and young adults navigating the change between school and survival in the university jungle.

SAY SOMETHING! is a witty, straight-talking guide for any young person facing the big step into higher education, whether they are moving countries to study, leaving home or staying put. Alongside the information, readers follow Bruce and Priscilla’s experience through the ups and downs of life in university residence, on campus and in a whole new social solar system.  Nothing is taboo and every topic is relevant and topical in this universal guide to life, university and everything. 


Meet Bruce… he’s shy.  A hulk of a lad from the farm. His parents have enrolled him at a university in the UK to “find himself”. He will be an international student and he’s nervous as all hell. What if no one likes him? What if no one else plays rugby? What if he is the only virgin on campus?

Now meet Priscilla.  She’s English, a tiny dot of a thing, creative and clever. Her bickering parents want her to leave home and get a degree in mechanical engineering and make the family proud.  She’s nervous as all hell. What if she feels homesick? What if she hates her course? Why can’t she be left alone to make sculptures like she wants to?


Since the first UniSmart presentation was launched in Wellington, NZ in 1999, more than three quarters of a million students in Australasia, Canada, America, Spain and the United Kingdom have experienced the inspiring, motivating and highly informative live guide to university life.  .

UniSmart co-founder and co-director Trudi Urlwin has drawn on her UniSmart expertise, anecdotes from numerous tours of campuses around the world, and extensive research to expand on the information presented in the live UniSmart performance. The book ‘Say Something!’ encompasses all the issues confronting today’s students. Trudi presents her expert up-to-the-minute understanding of student issues, pressures, behaviours and reactions in this dedicated volume that is entertaining, enlightening and ultimately encouraging.

SAY SOMETHING! is the ultimate comfort blanket for new students, written in a catchy, youth digestible tone, and peppered with colourful illustrations and anecdotes.

Bespoke Edition

What better way to welcome and inform your new students than to provide a copy of the book featuring your university logo on the cover and dedicated pages containing specialised information, contact details for support services perhaps, or other uniquely-you content.  (minimum print run required).

If you would like to offer your new students this unique handbook, contact us for a quote at an attractively discounted rate.

RRP: £12.99 GB or $24.99 Aus & NZ (+ p&p outside NZ)
Binding: Paperback
Extent: 254 pages
Dimensions: 145 x 180 mm
Author: Trudi Urlwin
Illustrations: Jonathan King
Publisher: Random House
Distributor: UniSmart Trust Ltd

Selling Points

  • Publication dedicated to youth well-being and successful self-management
  • Relevant and up-to-the-minute content based on extensive and robust survey results
  • Unique student handbook – ideal for all young people contemplating higher education
  • Fresh, innovative and confidence-boosting information and advice
  • Will appeal to all students who have attended a UniSmart presentation, or not
  • Specifically written for a target demographic – students aged 17 – 22
  • Great gift solution for ‘hard to buy for’ teens

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