The Evidence

UniSmart is very effective
– we know because our audience tells us it is!

The UniSmart New Students Survey has been conducted annually since 2005. The data tells us what is top of mind for new students when they first arrive at university. This information informs the ever-evolving content of the UniSmart presentation.

We ask questions about student social (and anti-social) habits, living situation, finances, and future plans. Plus of course, we ask our audiences what they think about UniSmart.

Feedback influences the content of our presentation in a major way and enables us to reflect and respond by updating the content.

Rating the impact of UniSmart

Overwhelmingly, the survey feedback is positive (94% of UK students in 2018 rate it as ‘Awesome’ or ‘Good’ on a five-point scale from ‘Boring to Awesome’). The data supports the value of the presentation as part of a new student induction programme. Students talk of feeling welcomed, relieved, engaged and informed by UniSmart. Survey results indicate the value of the presentation in terms of induction – and ultimately retention. The collected data provides invaluable evidence for our clients.

Check out results from the most up-to-date surveys and compare the performance of your current induction programme to UniSmart. Survey reports from previous years are available on request, just drop us a line!



Our Referees

We value the relationships we have established with university personnel in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. Working collaboratively to improve student outcomes is our combined goal. UniSmart has made a significant contribution to induction programmes at many leading universities.

We invite you to contact our clients to discuss the benefits of UniSmart, the value of the investment, and the experience of working in partnership with us to deliver the presentation.

New Zealand

University of Auckland
Christine McGonigal
Event Services Manager
+64 4 923 9441

Lincoln University                                                                                          Rachel Craythorne                                                                                          Community Development Coordinator                                                            +64 3 423 0534                                                                            


Griffith University
Mick Hawkins
Marketing Manager, Planning performance and Campus Life.
+61 7 373 55427

University of Technology Sydney
Rachel Yasmineh
Marketing and Events Manager
+61 2 9514 4080

United Kingdom.

University of Wolverhampton
Kirsty Dorward
Head of Student Experience
+44(0) 1902 321 834

University of Manchester
Phillipa Wilson
Student Welfare Officer, School of Social Sciences
+44 (0) 161 275 4878

Case Studies

Every year we work with a spread of wonderful client universities across the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

We’ve interviewed a selection of these clients to paint a picture of their UniSmart experience.

UniSmart is excited to showcase why they partner with us, and how we work to create an induction that is truly unique.

You can read the full case studies below.

United Kingdom.

London South Bank University.

Dr Jenny Owen, Director of Education,

School of Arts and Creative Industries.

Story PDF: Uniquely LSBU


Sheffield Hallam University.

Claire Parkin, Student Experience Manager,

Sheffield Hallam Business School.

Story PDF: Uniquely Sheffield Hallam


University of Wollongong.

Rob Fembock, Deputy Accommodation Manager,

Weerona College and International House.

Story PDF: Uniquely Wollongong


UniSmart delivers.

We know what motivates, excites, and engages students.