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Diversity, depression, anxiety, alcohol, homesickness, heartbreak….

UniSmart takes on the topical and taboo subjects and dares to discuss them in a way that resonates with the young students in the audience.

We know what concerns students and we understand how to give them the confidence to embrace and overcome the challenges that are likely to confront them as they start the university journey.

We don’t lecture and we never tell them what to do. We do discuss the thorny issues, and we do deliver a no holds barred approach to the ups and downs of life on campus and how to safely navigate the journey.

Students come away from a UniSmart presentation feeling more informed as well as better functioning and more confident.  Overwhelmingly they say they are more likely to reach out for help after experiencing UniSmart. Students are more empowered, more aware of what to realistically expect – of university and of themselves – and far more likely to seek support as a result of UniSmart.

We know of no other induction presentation that leaves such a lasting, profound and positive impression. We MOVE your students.

M is for movement, energy and activation that grabs attention from the opening moment and doesn’t let up until the presenter finishes with a welcome to your university and leaves the audience spellbound in their seats.

O is for the sometimes outrageous way we take a topic and give it an airing in a room full of young adults. UniSmart Presenters can ‘talk the talk’ in a way that might not be acceptable coming from university administration personnel.

V is for the visually striking presentation that uses multimedia, graphics, animations, unexpected antics and sound and lighting to activate and accentuate the stage performance.

E is for the emotions that are realised as the Presenter speaks with them about love and loneliness, homesickness, bullying and more.

In 70 minutes, UniSmart tackles dozens of scenarios and situations that are likely to impact on a new student’s university experience.  UniSmart content has developed in response to dialogue with university professionals, students and our own extensive research.  At UniSmart we are receptive to suggestions for new content and constantly review our presentation to ensure we are responding to the changing times and influences that impact on first year students.

Some of the Topics Covered in Our Presentation

Personal Safety

Diversity & Bullying

International Students

Making Friends


Fire Alarms

UniSmart delivers.

We know what motivates, excites, and engages students.